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Decades of Chronic School Failure

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Decades of recorded, chronic failure, on the part of schools and school districts to provide high quality, culturally affirming educational experiences for Black students is what drives the Academy of Practical Application's Asset-Based Coaching & Consulting and STEAM School.

As my doctoral work has revealed, the chronic failure of schools to provide a high quality, culturally affirming education for Black students is not unique to Boston but is true in urban, suburban and rural school districts across the world.

The Academy of Practical Application STEAM School (K-12) is an educational institution that provides high quality and culturally affirming learning experiences for its students and their families. Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting provides coaching and consulting for the remote-learning, hybrid and traditional learning setting.

At the STEAM school we engage families and community members in action research to reimagine the teaching and learning experience. The STEAM school serves as a learning lab for teachers and school leaders to observe and learn best practices for providing a high quality culturally affirming learning experience for their students.

​Our services extend beyond school leaders and classroom teachers to include families and students by providing guidance navigating and advocating for high quality and culturally affirming educational experiences.

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