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Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting

Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting is on a mission to revolutionize K-12 teaching and learning for ALL students, here and abroad, through supporting proactive curriculum planning and culturally affirming student-centered instructional practices.

Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting provides coaching and consulting for the remote-learning, hybrid and traditional learning setting.

​Our services extend beyond school leaders and classroom teachers to include families and students by providing guidance navigating and advocating for high-quality and culturally affirming educational experiences.

Asset-Based Coaching & Consulting was founded by Dr. Nadine O'Garro, an educational activist dedicated to helping to create safe, culturally affirming teaching and learning experiences for ALL students one classroom, school and school district at a time.

Image of Dr. Nadine O'Garro wearing a yellow blazer and white hooped earrings.

Founder, Executive Coach

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About Our Founder

Dr. Nadine O'Garro

Dr. O'Garro is the Founder and Executive Coach of Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting.  She brings over 16 years of classroom teaching experience, over 10 years of research and more than 5 years of transformational coaching to help classroom teachers in the K-12 learning space leverage their strengths in order to increase student engagement and academic achievement. Let Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting help you rethink, reimagine and redesign teaching and learning in your classrooms and school.

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