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Coming Soon 2025

The Academy of Practical Applicatio

The Academy of Practical Application

The Academy of Practical Application was founded by Dr. Nadine O'Garro, an educational activist dedicated to helping to create safe, culturally affirming teaching and learning experiences for ALL students one classroom, school and school district at a time. Coming soon August of 2025.

STEAM School and Teaching Academy

The Academy of Practical Application STEAM School (K-12) is an educational institution that provides high quality culturally affirming learning experiences for its students and their families. (Coming Soon 2025)


  • At the STEAM school we engage families and community members in action research to reimagine the teaching and learning experience.

  • The STEAM school serves as a Teaching Academy for pre-service and visiting teachers and school leaders to observe and learn best practices for providing high quality culturally affirming student-centered learning experience for ALL of their students.

Steam School & Teaching Academy

Levels of Learning
at the Academy

Montessori School

Infants - Second Grade

Our littlest agents of change are empowered as independent thinkers and doers who take the lead in and around the school.

Community School

Third - Eighth Grade

Our community change agents look for opportunities to improve the school and surrounding community.

Global School

Ninth - Twelfth Grade

Our global change agents move beyond the confines of the school house to catalyze change across the state, nation

and internationally.

Levels of Learning
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