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Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting was founded by Dr. Nadine O'Garro, an educational activist dedicated to helping to create safe, culturally affirming teaching and learning experiences for ALL students one classroom, school and school district at a time.

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"Raising the tide for one boat,
raises the tide for all boats."

Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting is on a mission to revolutionize K-12 teaching and learning for ALL students, here and abroad, through supporting proactive curriculum planning and culturally affirming student-centered instructional practices.

Asset-Based Coaching and Consulting provides coaching and consulting for the remote-learning, hybrid and traditional learning setting...READ MORE.




Large and small group professional development workshops. Topics include: Proactive curriculum planning and Culturally affirming student-centered instructional Practices that increase student engagement.

Team Coaching

Grade and Content level meeting facilitation to support collaboration and coherence with school goals. Includes creating and facilitating agendas aligned with school and team specific professional practice and student learning goals.

Individual Coaching

Classroom level curriculum planning support, including providing guidance in culturally affirming instructional practice and student-centered engagement strategies and modeling effective instructional practices.

Instructional Leader Consulting

Administrator level support for instructional leaders to bring coherence to school and district goals including but not limited to: learning walks to identify areas of strength and challenge, curating professional development resources, and more!

"Ms. O'Garro's coaching has allowed me to improve my teaching practice by more firmly grounding my teaching decisions to concrete assessment data. This has allowed me to illuminate the relevant questions about student learning that help me to find new teaching methods that align more with my core belief that all students can learn and engage in rigorous classwork that improves their critical thinking skills and is relevant to their diverse cultures and identities."

  -  R.F. Sullivan, Spanish Teacher

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